Marek Kiercz at the hospital
Marek Kiercz


18 x 24 inches



My gay, legal spouse of seven years, Marek Kiercz, died at 53. It is assumed that Marek died because of losing a painful, five-year battle with GIST cancer. No proof was given or offered.

 He died at 3 Bledlow Manor Drive, Toronto, ON M1E 1B1 on March 21, 2023, according to the statement of death form 15.

I have never officially been notified that Marek died. I have been denied all information about his death, including his funeral and final resting place. I do not know for certain if he died because of his cancer, or if his death was a suicide, accidental overdose, or assisted death. I don't even know for certain that he wasn't murdered. I do not know if an autopsy was performed.

 Marek and I were in a conjugal legal marriage and were never divorced or legally separated. 

I have had to pay for all documents like the death certificate and statement of death,(this document is often wrong according to memos published online by Alexandra Schmidt, Deputy Registrar General). I have had to pay for official marriage certificates and registered mail etc.  Have had to ask the courts to check if I was divorced or legally separated! - crazy and humiliating! It's ridiculous!

It was briefly announced on March 26, 2023, on the Archdiocese of Toronto's website that Marek had died. All it said was, Marek Kiercz dies at 53.

A Polish online newspaper's brief obituary posted on March 24th revealed Marek died on March 21, 2023. basic obituary  No mention of me or his Canadian family and friends.

No Canadian obituaries except this evolving page.

I last spoke to Marek on March 16, 2023 - five days before his death. He called while high on painkillers to say he loved and missed me and that the end was very close. I was to be brave. His phone was disconnected shortly after his death. Then nothing but crickets and a mysterious LinkedIn profile that makes no sense.

I am emotionally destroyed and need help finding out information about Marek's death. Please help me. Please email me at

The palliative nurse that claims to be in attendance at the time of Marek's death refuses to say anything to me. I literally begged her!

The Executor/boyfriend? who claims to have been in attendance at the time of Marek's death has lawyered up and refuses to say anything about Marek's death and claims to not know I even existed. I can prove this to be untrue. His lawyer claims Marek died without enough money to cover his expenses and the cost of cremation. Marek and I planned and paid for his cremation shortly after he was diagnosed in 2018. At that time, we were unsure if he would become 50 years old.

 Toronto police have been unhelpful and dismissive, Marek's car was sold - Marek wasn't at the hospital before he died. 

Deputy Registrar General Alexandra Schmidt has been unhelpful and her staff at the Office of the Registrar General have also been unhelpful and upsetting. Alexandra Schmidt's office actually returned a letter written to the Deputy Registrar requesting information and clarification!

 The Government of Canada/ CPP has offered no information and a brief condolence. I am denied benefits. No satisfactory explanation was given.

The Executor/boyfriend?/claims to be Marek's CL partner: 

Thomas Smith of 3 Bledlow Manor Drive, Toronto, ON M1E 1B1,  416-699-8071,

The Executors lawyer: Sandy McIntyre of McMaster, McIntyre and Smyth LLP, 2777 Dundas Street West Toronto, Ontario M6P 1Y4 Tel 416-769-4188  888-769-4188

Fax 416-769-4147

Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner: Abhilasha Wahi is listed on LinkedIn as

Home and Community Care Support Services Central East - Scarborough Branch  

416-750-2444  100 Consilium Pl, Suite 801, Toronto, ON  M1H 3E3

Archdiocese of Toronto refuses to say anything - surprised?

No contact from either of his parents in Poland:

 Wieskaw Kiercz 

Marianna Ogonek

No contact from any of his siblings in Poland.

McDougal and Brown Funeral Home at Highland Hills Crematorium 12492 Woodbine Avenue Gormley Ontario L0H 1G0 confirms they cremated Marek Kiercz and claimed they would contact the Executor to contact me. They refuse to say anything more without the Executor's consent. The Executor refuses to say anything to me.

My spouse helped fund my art career for the entire eight years we were together until his death. I have never needed to involve governments or charities to help me make and show art. 

Marek and I collected art together.  Marek paid for this online gallery for all of it's six years of existence.

 Marek was an art patron and loved art of all descriptions and practices.

 Marek Kiercz was my hero and proudly wore a wedding ring I gave him. 

Marek would NEVER treat me or anyone with this level of cruelty. I am baffled as to why and how this could happen. Was Marek being blackmailed? Was he as out of the closet as I and everyone on this side of the fence believed? Something is CLEARLY not right! It makes absolutely NO sense to treat me with such disregard. Marek and I were a married family unit. He would never allow me to be alone shaking my head and asking, "WTF?" We loved each other and I have tons of proof.