Isolation Series, The Depression Lot, 2020

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A view from the artist's balcony on Market St, Hamilton, ON during the early stages of the Depression of 2020

Isolation Series, Protecting Garbage, 2020

In order to protect garbage from garbage looters, the landlord built a locked metal and wood enclosure.

Previously, the homeless and financially desperate would collect bottles and cans to create revenue for themselves.

Lady Daffodil, A portrait of Spring/ Treasure Wray, 2020

No matter how unhappy I am, Treasure will radiate sunshine until I smile. Treasure is treasure.

Grey Owl, Master of the Lie, 2020

Grey Owl

Archibald Stansfeld Belaney (September 18, 1888 – April 13, 1938), commonly known as Grey Owl, was a British-born conservationist, fur trapper, and writer who pretended to be a First Nations. While he achieved fame as a conservationist during his life, after his death the revelation that he was not Indigenous, along with other autobiographical fabrications, negatively affected his reputation.

"Grey Owl convinced even British Royalty he was the most famous "Indian" of Canada and for that very reason I see him as a very important historical figure that not only captivates my imagination but symbolizes what being Canadian really is."