"This year of chaos, this year of sorrow, has guided me towards an intense yellow light.  I scribble and draw in the most primitive of ways and this has brought me some comfort.

I'm bleached by this light muse and feel new. I want to relearn how to paint; to start new and green. I often abandon my brushes and choose to use my fingers and the palm of my hand. I remove my glasses and feel even more connected to the tasks before me. I see better with less.  Freedom is the goal. I reflect."

Dayle Crawford aka Ian Danac

TILE CUBE 1, 11" x 11" x16", mixed-media over birch wooden sculpture

GOLDEN PRAIRIE, 36" x 72", mixed-media on birch wooden panel


REFLECT 2023     

URBAN CANOE, 24 x 36 

signed, posters, acid-free paper

Antique floating frame around mixed-media frieze