What AROUSES you?


iandanac @ iandanac.com

WELCOME to the HAMMER, 24" x 24", 2024

GAY PRIDE 2024, limited edition print $250

original 24" x  24", 2024 sold

artist statement #12

I create digital art. In 1997 my ex-boyfriend Nagano introduced me to the Internet, and I learned Photoshop shortly afterward. In 1998 I made an art film and learned Avid, (Photoshop for moving images). While I operated my boutique in Toronto I did all my visual marketing and by then I could build websites.  

I credit many gay artists who have inspired me, like  Warhol, Mapplethorpe, and illustrator Tom of Finland.  I look to nature and often employ my knowledge of urban landscapes in my portraits of men.  

 I make images digitally. I draw digitally. I paint digitally and can layer watercolor techniques over oil paint and tint and shade my colors until they are exactly the hue and vibrancy I need to ask: What arouses you?  While showing you what excites me and many gay men: male beauty, and male arousal, I blend in some gay/art/social politics and pride if you care to look deeper.  I mirror and reflect many of my "lives" in my work - it's essentially honest. 

I usually complete a finished image/file daily, some I share here, some I share elsewhere, and some I never show to anyone but the men who privately collect my work.  I am both prolific and proud. 😈