WEST GALLERY : Dayle Vaughn Crawford

The Perfect CUBE

Both the inner cube and the outer cube fascinate me.

I am obsessed with the 4th Dimension, math and science.

My sculptures are representions of my ability to see and create negative space and positive space.

Allow yourself to see what can not be seen; the perfect cube.

Is the cube Genesis? Is the cube alive?

Is the CUBE mathematical and the source of belief?

I have many questions and struggle to answer them.

Black Velvet Crow, 2017

birch wood on birch wood pedestal


Displayed at Hamilton Artists Inc 2017

Facets of Charcoal, 2017

Helmet of Neptune, 2017

Fools Gold, 2017

Red Adobe, 2018

White Lines, 2018

Burnt Dollhouse, 2018

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