Vintage Diamond and Leather 

Clutch Journal

Diamond Gold Key

Clutch Journal

Why Journals?

I have journaled for more than forty years. Seriously.

The covers of the journals I would use way back when are often the styles you see today - boring, bland, and typical.  Often I am with my journal or notebooks and my sketchbooks. I wanted these books to look alive and to be fun fashion and to inspire myself and others.  I wanted more pages and a smaller take-with-me size, I wanted them to be softcover so they can bend and be informal and lighter and become part of me. I wanted vogue colours and style!

My thoughts and ideas deserve to be housed and collected and contained in books that are special. Treat your best thoughts to one of my diverse eclectic books!

All my books bought in Canada are printed in Canada! My books are offered in 7 countries! 

5 x 8  inches  240 pages  $12 CND

Fluid Thoughts

Private Notes

Random Ideas

Private Notes

Serrata Hydrangea

Journal Notes

Vanilla Milkshake Plaid


Cherry Bomb

Sex Journal

the twisted red cat

Journal Notebook

The Disdain of the Manitoba Moose

Journal Notebook

RED EYE Mustang

Journal Notebook