DVC Gallery

Dayle Vaughn Crawford

"I have worked as a drone. My loyalty given to the Queen. But, ... SHE, has died and all that exists is the HIVE.

After being dipped in time's intoxicating honey and submerged into the liquid language of: The Book of John, I am pulled-wide-open. I have been eyelid-tight, semi-forced, to witness miracles and from this awkward vantage point I surfaced and breathlessly documented a series of gifts.

I may have seen God. Amen!

Prism of Faith, 2016 H 52" x W 25" x D 18.5" $25 200.00

39 : Cube #10 and #11, 2018, $9100

Red Pool : Cube #9

Currently on view at Hamilton Artists Inc. , 2018, $16 000.00

SOLD to C Eisenberg, California, USA

Test for 39, 2018, $2500

Embrace, 2018, $2300

SOLD to C Eisenberg, California, USA

Illustration 39, 2018, print 10" x 10" $185